By uniting your world, we make you masters of it. Our digital platform, Curator, brings specialised regulatory knowledge, workflow experience and compatible data together through industry-leading technology. Unlike many platforms or applications, which tackle specialised areas of activity, Curator covers the entire fund lifecycle: product masterview, risk, oversight, reporting, due diligence, global registrations and more. Intelligent digitisation from start to finish. Everything is right where you want it. Everyone is 100% clear on what they’re doing next. Curator is, quite literally, where asset management comes together.

The issues we address

Manual to automatic

Processes common throughout our industry are often unnecessarily labour intensive and complex. Duplication of manual labour is rife. Curator will help you work smarter. 

Fragmented to united

Very little in asset management is joined up. Different organisations run different systems, different people control different files in different locations. Curator will aid genuine collaboration by providing a common resource. 

Uncertainty to certainty

The knowledge of how to handle a complex and fast-changing regulatory environment is highly valuable intellectual property. You’re vulnerable when this IP resides in individuals. Curator has this knowledge built into its infrastructure. 

Data to insight

The asset management industry is often brilliant at making sense of data to inform investment decisions for competitive advantage, but rarely applies the same skills internally. Curator helps interpret flat data, turning it into meaningful information that sheds more light on your world.

The areas we cover

1. Data curation

Curator gives you a product masterview, a golden source of data on all your products (funds, sub-funds, share classes, GP, LP…) delegate relationships and legal documentation. It holds all the static data in one secure place: information on delegates, legal and corporate structure, type of fund, status, policies and objectives, intermediary agents, documentation for download. Historical information is stored, too. All files are the latest files and there’s an audit trail of changes. With everything centralised, you’re in control.

2. Analytics

Curator allows you to automatically collect and retain all of your data (net asset value, portfolio, expenses, risk management, investment compliance…), accessible in ways that allows precise monitoring and easy reporting. Risk management metrics are set and built, then Curator performs scheduled checks, flagging potential anomalies for attention. The official book of records can be visualised, with access to information at any layer of the fund structure at any frequency of your choosing. Curator lets you automatically check millions of lines of fund data, allowing you to focus resources on exceptions instead of administration.

3. Oversight

Draw on our experience, but perform oversight your way. Our library of checklists covers the full range of KPIs, roles and jurisdictions, all carefully structured to allow quick automated scoring. Checklists can be customised, pre-populated automatically, and include additional layers of control for security. They can cover multiple fund structures, track highly specific areas of a single fund, show trends at any point in time and flag exceptions. Workflow becomes clear and simple, with a document depository, daily task lists and a clear audit trail. Dynamic, sharable, digitised, fast: total control.

4. Due diligence

We’ve performed due diligence on thousands of distributors and asset managers. Curator, our digital platform, unites historical data with regulatory knowhow and workflow experience. The result is transformational. Clients can customise all or any aspect of their questionnaires, access our template library, and automatically pre-populate from our database. Answers may be reviewed, ratings approved or modified, comments added, and extra security controls applied. All interactions generated take place on the platform, so everything stays centralised and visible: faster, with lower operational risk.

5. Reporting

With everything compatible and centralised, all of the accumulated information can be used to generate reports at the touch of a button. A process that may take weeks manually can be complete within hours. As with other areas of Curator, the platform acts to conduct the workflow, assigning sections to populate, task ownership, completion reminders and reviews. Everything in the report can be traced to source.

6. Global distribution

Registering funds for distribution in countries worldwide can be complex and requires many steps. We are experts in this field. We engage with regulators in their local language and take care of dissemination, identifying, collating and filing the required documents with the appropriate regulators. Though it is operated on Curator, we currently only offer global fund registration as a service. Clients will, however, have access to their registrations via the Curator interface, which includes an in-depth Fund Distribution Watch, a resource containing detailed information of requirements in each jurisdiction.


What changes when you use Curator?

Curator within Carne

How our technology brings peace of mind

Secure. The security of your data is the overriding priority in every piece of software we build and is made integral from the outset. Multi-factor authentication ensures that we know exactly who is logging on. Permissions are built into the infrastructure: users can only see what they have been authorised to see. We ask third parties to run frequent security tests on the platform, and we have established a fully verified recovery process to cover even the most unlikely eventuality. 

Flexible. Curator’s modules are available as both standalone software (“product”) for our clients to operate in-house, or as Carne-run “services”. Clients can mix and match products and services across the spectrum of functionality according to need.  

Support. Curator is intuitive and built to be simple to use. Carne provides the support and training required to familiarise you with our interface. 

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