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Funds launching in Europe must be overseen by an alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) or an undertakings for collective investment in transferrable securities (UCITS) management company. Setting up your own can be prohibitively expensive for some organisations, or unacceptably inefficient for others. Carne is Europe’s largest third-party management company: the fastest, most reliable, most cost-effective route to market.  

How it works

We provide a full suite of services related to the smooth launch and operation of asset managers’ products from a regulatory perspective, because regulatory requirements extend beyond management companies into specialised domains like distribution, due diligence, governance professionals and more. Different clients require differing degrees of support according to their needs and resources. We can offer advice on what’s best for you, and adapt to fit your objectives.

Carne ManCo Simple

Carne assumes the role of third-party management company and provides risk, governance, oversight and compliance, so covering the principal regulatory requirements.   

Carne ManCo Plus

Here you use Carne as your third-party management company and can add a number of advanced services. We set out what we cover in the drop-down boxes below, but these options are often best discussed together to ensure they perfectly align with your aims.

Carne ManCo Complete

Many clients are clear from the start that they want their fund launched in Europe, they want to minimise time-to-revenue, and they want the headache of achieving this off their to-do list, and in the hands of experts. Leave everything to us, while you concentrate on your investment strategy and raising capital.  

Carne ManCo Fastrack

We offer the option to launch a sub fund with segregated liability under our Primo and Ardan UCITS and QIAIF umbrella funds. This will provide you with low-cost, super-quick access to the EU market, since all of the architecture and service providers are already in place.  

Carne ManCo

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What changes as a result of Carne ManCo?

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