As a vital connecting piece in a network of many interacting parties, you’ll understand the importance (and frustrations) of getting the data you need, where and when you need it. Curator, our digital platform built around regulation and workflow right across the fund lifecycle, solves this issue. Giving you access to compatible industry data, and the software to handle it (including analytics and automation), opens many new possibilities. 

We understand your world

We’ll help you simplify, standardise and enhance your data. We’ll eliminate the time-consuming repetition of manual tasks, reduce operational risk and support the technology with all the regulatory expertise you need. We’ll give you greater control through audit trails. Support with fund structuring, compliance or due diligence. Reporting that takes hours instead of weeks. Talk to us about target market assessments, value for money assessments and anti-money laundering. We’re building a better way to work.

1. Due diligence

We use our database and insight from having performed due diligence on thousands of organisations in the industry (including many operational and investment managers) to save you time and money. You can use (and adapt) our questionnaires, and populate them automatically on our platform, Curator, which runs the workflow. Everything stays centralised and visible, time and energy are guided right to where they’re needed, time to revenue is reduced.

2. Fund structuring

We can provide strategic advice when scoping out your plan of action, as we do for many institutional investors and asset managers. Time is often of the essence. We call on expertise from various disciplines and across asset classes and jurisdictions to help you select the best fund structure and location for you,taking into account investor preference, tax considerations, cost and speed to market. We can act as your management company, or help you build your own. Move ahead with clarity and confidence. 


An experienced team of multi-jurisdictional AML specialists conduct oversight on 40+ different administrators, aided by very sophisticated screening technology. Our comprehensive programme includes the development and maintenance of AML policies, risk assessments, director training and the provision of MLROs. We also perform AML/KYC on investments. We are the market leaders in reputation protection. 

4. Reporting

KIIDs, EMT/EPT, Solvency II, board and performance reports are a headache for distributors, with much time lost accessing, inputting and reconciling data. With Carne, a task that frequently takes weeks can be completed automatically in hours, because the required information is already on the system. Workflow is simplified and everything in the report can be traced to source. 

5. Global distribution 

We can provide support building your distribution network. As fund registration experts, we already understand the intricacies of the European, Asian, Latin American, South African and North American markets, including the regulatory and operational requirements. We’ll remove the heavy workload and get you registered faster. Carne has a range of solutions enabling distributors and asset managers to connect with their EU investors. 

6. Technology

Asset management is still fragmented, repetitious, and manual. Our platform, Curator, is unique in uniting workflow and regulatory IP with a golden source of data across the entire fund lifecycle. Curator’s intelligent digitisation is designed to support compliance with CP86 in Ireland, 18/698 in Luxembourg, as well as nonEU funds. It gives you everything right where you want it for total control. Automation and analytics create major cost and time savings.