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Carne is Europe’s leading third-party fund management company: the fastest, most cost-effective, most reliable route to market. We use our expertise to help clients optimise the performance of their in-house management companies, and give asset managers tactical opportunities to increase efficiency. Clients leverage our global infrastructure and digital platform, Curator, through a toolkit which covers directors and designated persons, AML, distribution, due diligence, and tactical management companies. It’s powered by specialised local knowledge with a worldwide footprint. 

The issues we address

Speed to market

Getting a fund to market can be slow, costly and frustrating if not handled correctly: accelerating launches is specialist work. We’ll get your products to revenue faster by addressing industry-wide weaknesses, local shortfalls in capability, specific challenges and areas of inefficiency. The toolkit gives you the capacity to make tactical choices, but also tackle broader ambitions and longer-term problems. 

International scaling

Establishing funds in multiple jurisdictions is complex and time-consuming. Stringent regulations require extensive administration and substantial presence that can be prohibitively costly. Carne offers pre-established architecture with dedicated teams that bring you speed and agility, whilst allowing you access to opportunities that might otherwise be missed. We allow you to concentrate on your core business.  

Intelligent digitisation

Asset management is still hampered by legacy systems, poorly managed workflow, needless repetition and a reliance on manual tasks, all increasing the risk of error. Countless hours are spent reconciling data and chasing information. Carne can help you curate your information, providing a central source of data set out on a user-friendly dashboard: know exactly where you are at all times. 

Precision workflow

Analytics, automation, data control: Curator, our digital platform, helps eliminate the constant remediation that drains resources which could be better deployed on strategy and execution. Create bespoke metrics and automatically flag up exceptions in need of attention. Populate reports and questionnaires at the touch of a button. Know who needs to do what, when, with a clear audit trail. Countless hours saved. 

Exceptional governance professionals

Directors, company secretaries, MLROs (or equivalent) and designated persons who make their presence felt in terms of pragmatic, meaningful contributions are highly sought after. We’ve set standards for nearly two decades with our experienced and committed teams. 

Access to local expertise

The drive towards more complex structures means increased tax and compliance demands. It takes specialised knowledge to keep on top of fast-moving global regulation and protect reputations from costly errors. The local expertise and connections required for effective operations take months or years to acquire. We’ll be your partners on the ground: instant strength in depth. 

Carne Select: our tookit

Choose from a range of services that you a) appoint Carne to run for you, b) adopt as standalone technology products to run yourself, or c) mix and match according to need.


What changes when you use Carne Select?

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