Carne Unite

Carne Unite gives institutional investors, distributors and asset managers new options to strengthen operations by leveraging our technology and global infrastructure. This is about re-evaluating strategy at scale. A digital platform that connects you to your fund universe in all jurisdictions, to your industry partners and to every element of management through the product lifecycle. Specialised regulatory expertise and workflow experience built into its processes for agility and control. Data analytics and automation to reduce risk and increase speed. Carne Unite makes bigger decisions possible 

The issues we address

Data inefficiencies

Asset management is a fragmented industry: many entities operating many systems and formats in many locations, with poor compatibility. Data is inputted manually – time consuming and a source of error. Tasks are duplicated, again and again. Countless hours and resources are lost reconciling data and chasing information. The time has come for a central source of data: correct and to hand, so you know where you are at all times. 

Workflow weaknesses

Accountability in workflow is hard to establish. Which is the up-to-date file? Who spots the errors? Where is the audit trail? Constant remediation drains resources that could be spent on strategy and execution. We offer a system in which you can set up bespoke metrics and automatically flag up exceptions in need of attention. The time has come to know where you stand at every moment. 

Regulatory complexity

Fund regulation is increasingly complex and demanding. Keeping up with legislation is specialised work. Doing so in detail and on time for multiple funds across multiple jurisdictions… even more so. Why have the critical intellectual property required for this tied up in the few individuals who really know… when you can have it safely built into the central platform you operate on? The time has come to make compliance intelligible for all. 

Global megatrends

The drive for ESG and better transparency aren’t the only global megatrends driving change. The universal demand for technology. The needs of distribution platforms specifically. The demand for private market strategies. Investor demand for flexibility, breadth and scale, all of which effect product and tax. Margin pressure. Covid 19. The list is long. The time has come to control your environment, rather than letting it control you. 

What it means for you

Bring everything together on our digital platform, Curator.

Curator in 60 seconds

Our digital platform, Curator, is opening powerful new possibilities for institutional investors, distributors and asset managers. We Unite in two ways. Internally, by bringing wide-ranging operations together compatibly on a single platform for visibility and workflow control. And externally, through data sharing common to all industry players, in order to eliminate widespread inefficiencies. 

How it works in practice

Carne Unite is built around your journey

1. Dialogue

We usually begin with a demonstration of how Curator can transform operations, and then engage in discussions that place this in the context of your strategic needs. Every company is different. 

2. Flexibility

You have the option to test the water by tackling specific areas, or you can take a more holistic approach from the outset. In practice we’ll ensure you’re fully comfortable with how things run in an ‘offline’ environment: complete confidence with security and operational effectiveness before launch.

3. Autonomy

You can choose Carne-run services or take the tech that drives these services as a standalone product, or mix between the two according to need. Carne will provide the support and education you require.  

4. Future-proofing

Our client relationships are partnerships with an ongoing dialogue. The functionality of Curator is constantly evolving to match a fast and ever-changing landscape: together we read the road ahead. 


What changes as a result of Carne Unite?

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