$1tn of assets digitised on Curator, global operations optimised

Our client is a global asset manager with a 150-person strong management company that handles $1tn in assets. They intended to outsource elements of their operation. Conscious of their regulatory responsibilities, they sought to resolve any compliance issues through technology. However, the way forward was far from simple. Building their own software would involve considerable risk, time and cost. Other outsourcing options required several providers in several places. Our digital platform, Curator, offered the only end-to-end solution. For our client, it was the chance to reimagine their entire operational architecture.

With such scale and volume, and a high-profile name to protect globally, trust was fundamental. Our client was reassured by the level of thinking that had gone into each element of the platform; in fact they quickly realised that they were getting access to more functionality than they expected. They liked that it was technology built for use, by people who actually used it themselves on a daily basis. Secondly, they were reassured by the process. It became obvious that they were investing in an ongoing partnership. We made the functionality clear to them over a familiarization period marked by very close collaboration that established beyond doubt that Curator was suitable for their particular needs, systems and environment.

Inefficiencies, silos, duplication and manual labour that had presented frequent operational challenges have become a thing of the past. Our client now has complete digital control over its $1tn fund universe. It is able to run a full suite of operations from the same place, covering data curation, risk, oversight, due diligence, compliance and distribution. They have NAV control exactly as they want it. Reports, checklists, due diligence and exceptions alerts can be automated, and settings customised according to need.

Our client successfully proceeded with their original outsourcing project. We calculate their annual saving to be in the region of €12m.

Cost saving on existing operations
Approximate annual saving
AUM transferred to Curator