Unity through simplicity™

Carne was founded in 2004. In a complex, fragmented industry, we saw ways to help make life simpler for our clients. Through one cleanly executed idea after another – based on listening, on seeing others’ point of view, on collaboration and deep thought – we’ve grown from five people to almost 700. We’ve shown nearly two decades of thought leadership, from helping pioneer third-party management to technology to the importance of strong independent governance. Simpler, always simpler. The scope of what is possible is radically different now, because over time ideas connect and add up. By finding a way to share simplicity, we’re uniting our clients’ worlds.

What makes us different

Carne in numbers


Jurisdictions worldwide serving funds in eight countries


AuM on our digital platform, Curator




Clients, from boutique managers to global institutional investors


Donated to charities in 2023


Nationalities make up a diverse culture


Of our workforce is female

Some of our clients

Global expertise

First into the future

Our digital platform, Curator, is changing what is possible for organisations right across the asset management industry. We have a history of leading change that furthers our clients’ interests.


UCITS III legislation

We pioneered ways to handle the governance issues involved with incorporating derivatives and other complex structures into UCITS funds. Our guidebook is still the go-to literature for those informing themselves on UCITS funds. 


Third party management company

Carne established its UCITS management company to manage unit trusts and common contractual funds.  


Common contractual funds

We helped our clients minimise tax liability according to the type of investor, not a first in law but a first for third-party management companies. This provided flexibility and savings to an extremely important product area.


Hedge fund thought leadership

In the wake of the global financial crisis, we carried out a groundbreaking survey highlighting areas for attention to improve corporate governance in the management of investment funds. 


High-quality corporate governance

Carne capped the number of client relationships that our directors took on long before this became industry best practice. Quality over quantity, always.  


AIFMD and Super ManCos

Carne was the first third party AIFM authorised in Europe and the first thirdparty Super ManCo with licenced entities in both Ireland and Luxembourg. 


Illiquid strategies

Carne was one of the first management companies to hold all the illiquid licences in Luxembourg (real estate, private equity, private debt) and to offer our clients cross-border solutions in Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands & Channel Islands.


Digital platform

Curator breaks new ground all the time, but it was created as far back as 2016, completely proprietary to Carne. Since then, it has established a number of industry firsts, such as the digitisation of distributor due diligence in 2018. It is the first multi-app platform to cover every major area of fund management. It now handles over $1tn of assets. 


Global Operating Centre

We saw how changing legislation was going to put pressure on existing governance and operating procedures. We established hubs of expertise in Kilkenny and Wexford. High quality well-qualified staff with low churn offers new strategic options to our clients.  



We foresaw the problems that Brexit would create for asset managers and distributors. We established a specialised Lisbon centre in advance, and our UK ACD and EU MiFID solutions were in already in place when Brexit happened. A seamless transition for our clients. 

What we stand for


Thoughtfulness is what creates a different future. We look at issues from all angles. We consider things through time: think infinite’. We see things from others’ point of view. We’re intellectually curious, and above all we’re considerate. 


We’re in it for each other, we have each other’s back, and that goes for our clients as much as internally. We achieve far more when we are unified, and the sense of reward and wellbeing from collective achievement is profound. 


We look for absolute clarity behind every action. This is the route to simplicity. Respect and protect time; prioritise well; keep promises; honour commitments; communicate clearly. And never cut corners. 


We like the can-do approach, and we like can-do people. Togetherness mixed with discipline gives us something special: the strength to dig deep when it matters, to be the best kind of relentless, the shake your head in wonder kind: tenacious with a grin. It can be done. 


We create the space to find and maintain a joy in what we do. Pleasure in the journey we are on. We say ‘bounce’ because we hit off each other positively as people. ‘Bounce’ for how we respond under pressure. ‘Bounce’ for ideas colliding to break new ground. But above all, ‘bounce’ for joie de vivre.