How we can help

Carne is one of the leading global providers of independent fund board directors and other governance related services. We have offices and resident fund directors in all of the leading domiciles for offshore and cross-border investment vehicles.

Our expertise in governance makes us the ‘go to’ solution for independent directors and we already work with many of the leading names in fund management globally.

Carne is regularly consulted by industry trade bodies and regulators for our views on the ongoing development of good governance and oversight within the fund management industry.

Our directors are all seasoned fund professionals with a minimum of 15  years of experience in the asset management industry. Our panel of independent directors also covers a wide range of professional skills and backgrounds, including administration, operations, legal, tax, portfolio management and risk management functions.

Why appoint Carne’s Independent Directors to fund boards?

  • Resident directors in your jurisdiction of choice.
  • Experience of working within the funds industry in senior roles.
  • Respected by investors and operational due diligence teams.
  • Knowledge of best practice at board level.
  • Independent and informed oversight of the fund’s critical service provider relationships.


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