Apart from independent fund directors, Carne also provides Conducting Officers for Luxembourg funds, and Designated Persons for Irish funds.

Both functions provide additional support for funds boards from experienced and fully qualified personnel. Carne’s Designated Persons and Conducting Officers have considerable industry experience and strong familiarity with local and pan-European regulations and reporting requirements.

By making use of the additional support of Conducting Officers / Designated Persons, our clients can tap into Carne’s deep well of knowledge of the global funds industry, including best practices for governance and risk management, reporting and cross-border distribution.

Why Use Carne’s Designated Persons & Conducting Officers program?

  • Enhanced local substance in Ireland / Luxembourg
  • An additional level of support and oversight for fund boards
  • Further layer of governance assurance for investors / allocators
  • Familiarity with local regulatory requirements and expected governance levels
  • Sophisticated technology and infrastructure through our CORR platform - view a short video on CORR HERE


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