International Women’s Day 2021 Celebration

Carne Group marked International Women’s Day on March 8th with a fireside chat with Dr Jean van Sinderen-Law. Jean is Associate Vice President, Director of European Relations and Public Affairs at University College Cork (UCC). She is a PhD Scientist, Former member of the Governing Authority of UCC and Senate of the National University of

Is Cryptocurrency an Investable Asset?

Over the last month or so, we have been gauging our clients’ views on whether cryptocurrencies could become eligible holdings in their portfolios in the near to medium term. This follows recent news that BlackRock has added bitcoin futures as a potential investment for two of its US funds as well as BNY Mellon’s announcement

Investment Markets: Where to from here?

Recent conversations with our clients have provided a stark reminder of just how far markets have come since the COVID crisis began to have an impact. As markets sank to their lowest point last March, many of our clients’ attempts to make sense of that situation often involved referring back to previous market crashes such

Coremont Launches Coremont Investment Fund UCITS Platform: Carne Group Appointed Management Company Provider

LONDON, 02 February 2021 – Coremont, a leading provider of portfolio management technology and outsourced services to investment managers, and Carne Group, the largest third-party fund management company in the world, are pleased to announce the launch of Coremont Investment Fund. Coremont Investment Fund is a UCITS-compliant SICAV, incorporated in Luxembourg,  providing investment managers a