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Good governance is a necessity for fund management organisations seeking to succeed in a competitive industry. Carne’s solutions can help you provide your investors with the superior governance framework they are seeking.

Governance Services

The fund governance experts

Carne is an established provider of independent fund board directors and other governance-related services. We have offices and fund directors in all of the leading domiciles for offshore and cross-border investment vehicles.

Our expertise in governance makes us the “go to” service provider for independent directors and a thought leader in the field of fund oversight.

Carne Directors sit on the boards of some of the world’s leading alternative and traditional fund companies. We are regularly consulted by industry trade bodies and regulators for our views on the development of good governance and oversight within the fund management industry.

Over the years the Carne brand has become synonymous with a professional and seasoned approach to fund oversight.

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Investor focus on governance is increasing

The increased focus on the quality of governance on hedge fund boards comes as a direct result of higher levels of institutional investment in hedge funds coupled with the raised governance standards that they require post-2008.

  • 91% of allocators agree that poor governance would cause them to avoid investing in a fund
  • 76% of allocators have already decided against investing on at least one occasion due to governance concerns
  • Over 80% of investors rate governance as “extremely important”
  • 87% of allocators would like to see the majority of fund boards’ membership held by independent directors

Source: Corporate governance in hedge funds, Investor Survey 2011 (Carne Group)

In addition, the pace of globalisation is relentless, and as a consequence we are seeing investors asking for solid and consistent governance standards that can be replicated across the hedge fund industry, regardless of domicile.