Carne is a global organisation, with offices serving the fund management industry around the world. With personnel on the ground in leading fund domiciles and financial centres, we are on hand to support your organisation’s needs.

Fund Domiciles

Carne maintains a bricks-and-mortar presence in the most important jurisdictions for offshore and regulated funds. Regulators often require independent directors on fund boards be resident in the fund’s domicile, and we ensure that we have the highest calibre fund professionals available to meet your governance needs.

Advice and support

In addition the presence of professionals on-site can further support the fund management organisations we serve, by keeping our clients abreast of regulatory developments and best practice guidelines.

  • Resident directors in the fund domicile with length track records in the funds industry
  • Full support for all our directors from the global Carne organisation
  • Additional oversight and support, including fund registration and company secretarial
  • Deep knowledge base contributes to sturdier risk management at the board level

Carne is an international company and supports international clients, amongst them many of the leading names in the fund management business. Our global network of consultants means we can deliver a holistic service that draws on the expertise of all our offices around the world to provide you with the best solution for your firm or investment product.

Contact your local Carne office to find out more about what we can do for you.