Carne Directors have extensive track records in the fund management industry coupled with the full support of the global Carne organisation. They are fully supported by Carne’s extensive administrative and professional infrastructure.

Carne Directors

We believe directors should be able to offer fund boards valuable oversight and actively contribute to the enhanced standards of governance required by investors today. Carne directors adhere to industry codes of governance, which ensures that they treat clients fairly, and that they act in strict accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Moreover, Carne Directors follow self-imposed best practice guidelines. For example, we stipulate that no Carne Director may have more than 30 commercial relationships.

Why appoint Carne Directors?

  • Increase assets: Carne Directors will help to reassure investors and establish your institutional credentials
  • Increase efficiency: draw on Carne’s in-depth expertise of the asset management industry
  • Reduce risk: Carne Directors have the knowledge and experience to identify, control and manage risks
  • Limited number of directorships: Carne Directors are limited in their number of appointments to ensure that are not over-stretched

Boardroom image
We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. We recognise that as directors we serve the interests of fund shareholders. We will seek at all times to avoid conflicts of interest, while at the same time observing our strict duty of confidence to our clients.

Carne Directors work closely with other key fund stakeholders like investment managers, legal counsel, administrators, custodians, auditors and prime brokers. Our directors have a wealth of relevant experience that our clients can draw on to assist them with growing their businesses.